Advantages of Living in a Coliving Space

ile What is it that gravitates millennials towards coliving spaces? What makes them a perfect replacement for traditional-style rental accommodation? Why are most of the people moving to coliving these days? This is due to the unlimited benefits and perks offered by modern coliving spaces.

Let’s discuss the advantages of living in a coliving space in detail.

  1. Freedom
  2. Convenient
  3. Flexibility
  4. Affordability
  5. Community Access

1. Freedom: 

“I am no bird, and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.” -Charlotte Bronte

People don’t have the capacity to follow rules and regulations after finishing their nine hours job. They crave home-like comfort where nothing is imposed on them.

In coliving spaces, there are many things that help in circumventing the restrictions imposed by the landlords. You can easily escape all the arguments with a landlord by opting for a coliving space instead of any traditional-style rental accommodation.

Unlike in PG and hostel, coliving spaces have professional staff who is very open-minded and cooperative. There are no going-in and out timings.

While living in such space, you can go anywhere at any time you want. You are not answerable to anyone in a coliving space. You are allowed to have your meals at irregular times.

Nobody will question your lifestyle. You are a free bird and a coliving space will always add more feather to your wings.

2. Convenient:

“What users want are convenience and results.” -Jef Raskin

You don’t have to worry about household management in a coliving space because you get a ready-to-move-in apartment. The floors, furniture, walls, windows and interiors, everything is perfectly done already.

You don’t have to manage electricity bills, wifi, gas, or housemaid because everything is taken care of by the professionals who are managing the coliving space.

Coliving spaces are the most convenient rental accommodation options with so many benefits and luxuries.

There is no hustle at all, you can live peacefully without any tension of repairing and maintenance. It saves a lot of time and allows you to do things you enjoy like reading, dancing, binge-watching, playing etc.

You are not accountable for the cleanliness of the property or for finding a roommate. If any of the roommates leave the coliving space, another needy person will soon be living with you.

The managers and organizers of the coliving space manage everything. The aim is to shower you with all the modern conveniences so that you can experience home-like comfort in the coliving property.

3. Flexibility:

“Flexibility is the key to Stability.” -John Wooden

If there is any rental accommodation at this time which offers utmost flexibility then it is only coliving space. A coliving space allows you to lease a single, double sharing or triple sharing room for the period of time for which you are living in the coliving property.

It asks for no or less little amount for a security deposit. No doubt, coliving is the new trend among millennials. This is due to the flexibility and affordability it offers to students and working professionals.

Therefore, One can stay in a coliving space for days, months, and years as per his/her wish. Many people shift to a new city for a few projects or one-time projects, they need flexibility in the lease agreement, and they get it in coliving spaces only.

You can leave whenever you want without worrying about anything. It is like your own house where everything is set up as per your taste and desire.

4. Affordability: 

“I don’t think that you can address poverty unless you address the lack of affordable housing in the cities.” -Matthew Desmond

One of the main deterrents while looking for rental accommodation for any working professional is the huge amount of security deposit. This is because they are mostly moving to new cities in the early stages of their career.

Many people work for few projects only and as soon as the project is done, they also move back to their original location. So, this security deposit disturbs their budget. In coliving spaces, there is no or minimum security amount that anyone can pay without boring a hole in their pocket.

Moreover, Coliving spaces are affordable for students, travelers, backpackers, working professionals, and everyone who is looking for affordable rental accommodation.

The expense of buying furniture and other household essentials are reduced by coliving spaces. You get a ready-to-move-in apartment which itself is a huge favour to your bank account.

5. Community Access: 

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” -Jean Vanier

Only coliving spaces can give you freedom and community access in equal proportions and no other rental accommodation can. Imagine you are sitting in your spacious and quiet room reading your book.

And when you want to socialize, you have a beautiful community of like-minded people available to share your happiness, meals and ideas. A community can do a lot of things together like DJ nights, board games, barbeque dinners, open mics, play sports, and much more.

Simply, If you are new to a city, a coliving space is the perfect place for you. Because there you will find a built-in community ready to welcome you with open arms.

It gives you a perfect private space as well as community access whenever you want to socialize. Another advantage is that you will never feel homesick in a coliving space. And you will witness a no-entry board for ‘Loneliness’ in every coliving space (not literally, lol).

6. Sharing Wisdom: 

“If you have one dollar to invest in knowledge management, put one cent into information management and 99 cents into human interaction.” -Larry Prusak

Coliving space gives an uninvited stroke of serendipity. You can meet many people belonging to diverse professions. From a chef to a photographer, blogger to a designer and doctor to a businessman, coliving space houses people of all professions, religions, and gender.

This allows sharing of wisdom among the residents. Interacting with like-minded people helps in improving listening capacity, communication skills and creativity. It also makes you more calm, composed, and patient in critical situations.

However, Sharing personal and professional experiences is another way of sharing knowledge, thoughts, and emotions. Various community events are organized where all the residents are given equal opportunities to showcase their talents and skills.

One gets to learn a lot of things while living with a talented and full of wisdom community. Sharing space, rent and utilities is one thing, but sharing wisdom is another perk of living in a coliving space.

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