Annoying Habits of Roommates We All Can Relate With

Is your roommate the annoying one from the two of you? Are you having a hard time dealing with your roommate? We can totally understand what problems you face on a daily basis. Dealing with an annoying roommate gets hard after a certain point of time. Following are the things an annoying roommate does, you will definitely relate with at least one of them for sure. Let’s have a look!

Taking long showers: This is one of the most irritating habits of all- taking too long in the shower. Sometimes, we are getting late for work but the roommate is busy taking a gala shower. You just can’t do anything at that time except being irritated and frustrated.

You have to wait until the roommate decides to come out of the bathroom. This habit of your roommate won’t take any toll on your mental health but will annoy you from the core of your soul. Some people just love their shower long and nice but it is definitely annoying when you are in a hurry.

Not washing the dishes: Your family, close friends and ex-roommate may have accepted that you don’t like doing dishes. But it should not be expected from every roommate you come across. Some people are so annoying that they gracefully ignore you every time you ask them to do the dishes.

You might be someone who tends to complain less and let the person realize on his own. But if the roommate does not change after millions of warnings, there are high chances that you go short of washed dishes quite often. In such cases, you are the one who always ends up doing the dishes, right?

Letting friends come over: Are you also annoyed by your roommate for this habit of inviting friends over without informing you? If you are not a social bird and like to live in your own nest then this habit of your roommate must annoy you very much.

Ideally, the roommate must ask the other person whether he/she can invite anyone over or not. But some roommates consider the shared room as their own property as if they are paying the entire rent.

Every time, you have to leave the room for your roommate’s friends because you don’t like the group’s presence. Your roommate will invite another bunch of people some other day. So, what’s the point of even asking them to leave anyway?

Leaving lights ON: Another irritating habit of all is leaving the lights ON. No matter how many times you have asked them to turn off the lights, they would turn into a deaf ear each and every time.

It is not expected to turn off the lights when they leave for a few seconds or maybe minutes. But when they leave to work for hours, at least they must turn the lights off then.

Before the roommate forgets that he is not a millionaire, remind him/her about his bankruptcy which he is going to face due to high electricity bills. Maybe then the roommate will start switching off the lights. Or maybe not, because he is a real millionaire. Lol!

Not shutting the door: Slamming the door tightly is the most satisfying thing to do in anger. But unfortunately, that’s the only time your roommate shuts the door. Maybe your roommate does not love to have privacy or maybe he/she does not care at all.

Whereas, you like to protect your privacy like a gold treasure. And when two such people have to share a single room, the conflict is a real man! And not having the door closed properly bothers you beyond belief.

When the door is open, you cannot focus on your work and cannot even sleep properly. You also have put up a note saying “SHUT THE DOOR”. But nothing seems to be changed.

Never cleaning the mess: This is the least you expect from any roommate that they clean their own mess. But you are way too unlucky that you got a stubborn and annoying roommate who never cleans the mess. Now, what can you do, tell me!

The answer is, clean the entire mess alone. There is absolutely nothing tougher than handling a messy roommate. You come to the room after a hectic day and see the room upside down covered with the mess.

What’s more annoying than this? Clothes on the sofa, leftover food in the dish, socks on the dining table, papers scattered everywhere and what not.

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