5 Benefits of Outdoor Office Space

Biophilia: “the urge of human beings to be around nature”

Have you ever wondered why we feel empowered when we are close to nature? Why do we want a window seat in an aeroplane? Why do we want to book a room with a great view of nature? Why do we prefer to go on a stroll outside in fresh air after a bad day at work?  Don’t think too much, the answer is- Biophilia.

Considering this basic human urge, a new trend of outdoor office space is emerging in the office space industry. Outdoor office spaces are the best solution to eliminate disengagement, passivity, and boredom from a workspace.

Although, there is no need to entail the transfer of the entire office space setting outdoors. Dedicating a part of your office space to an outdoor workspace will also be very beneficial for the productivity, wellness of employees, and success of your business.

As per a 2018 survey completed by outdoor product retailer L.L. Bean, United States workers in the ages group of 22-65, around 86% of respondents would like to spend more work hours outdoors.

The idea of the outdoor office space model is to increase nature’s contact. There are unlimited benefits of an outdoor environment which can have unimaginable effects on the employees. Let’s discuss this in detail.


Outdoor office space possesses the power to reinvigorate the overall vibe of a workspace. Working within the four walls can affect creativity. That’s why many people find this sudden urge to go outside in some open area to feel refreshed and inspired.

Brainstorming sessions with the team on a patio can be much more effective than in an indoor setup of a conference room. A notable surge in the ability to generate ideas is seen in employees if they work closely with nature.

Many business leaders are trying to encourage creativity in their employees by giving them incentives and exciting schemes.

In order to establish a workplace culture of creativity, incorporating outdoor spaces can also be an effective approach to direct your business towards the pathway of success.


Instant messages, emails, noisy phone calls, and conversations around can easily result in a distracting environment at the workspace. It affects the productivity of an individual and makes it nearly impossible to perform well.

As per the Attention Restoration Theory (1989), focus and attention span are increased when you stay close to nature. And that’s why it is better to work in an outdoor workspace. An increase in focus and concentration can lead to an increase in productivity.

Office space requirements are considered while creating an outdoor office space setup. A well-designed outdoor workspace can prevent office distractions from coming in the way of your daily work target and increase work efficiency.


One of the most vital skills needed to succeed in your professional life is problem-solving skills. The biophilic design of office spaces ensures direct contact with nature. Thereby, you get good exposure to fresh air and natural light.

It leaves an immediate positive effect on your immune system, blood pressure, and brain which helps in enhancing problem-solving skills.

Spending more time outdoors and less time with our electronic gadgets can increase our problem-solving skills and enhance creative abilities, says a study at the University of Kansas.

Many bigger companies are opting for outdoor workspaces for the betterment of their employees and business success.

Not only in problem-solving skills, but it will also enhance many other skills which will be helpful in both the personal and professional life of an individual.


The more we read, the more we realize the benefits of outdoor workspaces. Beautifully designed outdoor workspaces promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainability.

The topmost companies are trying to incorporate green workspaces in their ideal office space model.

Outdoor workspaces provide an opportunity to embrace sustainability in daily life. Having a beautiful patio, garden, or balcony with plants, butterflies, and the grass is always a treat to watch.

Studies show that we are more mindful when we work closely with nature. That’s why people are slowly inclining towards outdoor workspaces. You can see more windows, plants, and other nature elements in modern workspaces. Thanks to the concept of Biophilic Office Designs.

Mental Health

Creating an employee-friendly environment and ensuring job satisfaction in employees is very important for any business. In order to retain the enthusiasm of employees, an inspiring working environment is necessary.

And an outdoor office space can truly make a difference to make it possible.

Some studies show that people suffering from depressive disorders showed significant mood upliftments when exposed to nature.

Clearly, outdoor office spaces are the need of the hour when it comes to retaining the good mental health of the employees.

Nature plays a vital role in the way we feel, think, and behave. Hopefully, now more organisations will include outdoor office space culture for the betterment of the employees and business growth.

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