Coliving Spaces Vs Paying Guest Pg

A lot of students and working professionals shifting to metro cities highly rely on rental accommodations such as PG, hostel, and coliving spaces. All the rental accommodation options are cost-effective but differ in terms of the services and facilities coliving and pg offers.

They all have distinct setups and operations from each other. This is because PG is privately managed by individuals who rent out the rooms in their own house.

And coliving is operated by businesses offering professional services and hosting community events and gatherings.

PG has got nothing to do with community living and on the other hand, coliving loudly promotes communal living and resource sharing. In this blog, we will be focusing on the concept, benefits and limitations of PGs vs coliving spaces. We hope you will get a fair idea of which option is the best for you.

Concept of Coliving

If you are in a new city, then coliving spaces are the best rental accommodation option to stay. In coliving, you are not required to sign any long term lease agreement. These are flexible for short and long-term stays.

Coliving is a perfect blend of traditional-style PGs and modern hotels offering world-class amenities. These are well-designed and well-equipped apartments offering furniture, interiors, food, wifi, utilities, common areas, open kitchen, high-level security, laundry services, a swimming pool, a gym, unparalleled networking opportunities, and a lot more.

You just have to pay the monthly rent only, rest will be taken care of by the managers/operators.  It also hosts various events and gatherings organized for the residents to keep them entertained.

Coliving spaces are suitable for all types of people but are better if the individuals are open to learning, sharing and growing with the community.

Benefits of Coliving Spaces

Unlimited perks: 100% Power Backup, AC, High-Speed Wifi, Work Desk, Housekeeping, Recreational facilities, etc.

Flexibility: Residents have to sign no long-term contracts to stay. They only need to give a brief period of notice before moving out.

Networking Opportunities: You get to meet new people belonging to diverse professions that help in building a new network with like-minded people.

Limitations of Coliving:

Privacy issue: People living in coliving spaces want to know each other after finishing their office work. They sit, talk, and laugh together. If you are a person who wants more privacy then coliving may not be suitable for you.

Concept of Paying Guests Accommodation

If you are renting a PG, think of it as more of a traditional style accommodation where you will be getting a room in the private property. It provides you with basic amenities such as food, washing machines and utilities within the monthly rent.

Here You are going to live only in a small space of the house. You are not responsible to manage anything besides paying the monthly rent. Everything from your food, cleaning and paying bills will be the owner’s responsibility. This was all about the good part.

Benefits of PG

Cost-effective: Affordable for all types of people.

Safe & Secure: CCTVs installed in their residential premises.

Availability: Easily available in every small and big city.

No maintenance headache: Paying Guest owners are responsible for the AC, geyser, electrical wiring, plumbing work, cleaning, and everything else.

Limitations of PG:

Limited Amenities: Since it is managed by individuals, that’s why it is obvious to get limited amenities only.

Restrictions: To ensure your safety, PGs have strict rules and regulations like visitor’s time, going in and out time, etc.

Which one is the best?

If you already have friends or acquaintances in the city then you can easily go for a PG but if you are totally unknown to the city, coliving is the best place for you. PGs don’t offer many opportunities to socialize whereas coliving spaces provide a plethora of opportunities to interact with fellow residents.

Both PG and coliving spaces are affordable, comfortable and safe for everyone. You may choose any of the two depending on your choice. Both serve almost everything which you need in day-to-day life. Both have their own set of benefits and limitations. The choice is yours!

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