Coworking Space vs Coworking Cafe

More and more people are becoming entrepreneurial in nature and choosing alternative forms of employment. Not only are new career opportunities emerging, but the place of work as well.

The recent trend of coworking spaces is increasing across all parts of the country and the world. But now, the concept of cafes turning into coworking spaces is something one never would have imagined.

For example: In the city of Delhi, cafes such as Fly@MTV were regular cafes with 30-4- percent vacant space. They now have reinvented their strategies and brought innovations to their operations. They have transformed their cafes into coworking spaces for the day and bars during the night.

This strategy fulfills every millennial’s dreams of working and having fun at the same time. It will help in properly utilizing the leftover spaces in such cafes and coffee shops.

Coworking space vs Coworking cafe has become a hot topic of discussion nowadays.

To see which one is better-coworking space vs coworking cafe, let’s see what these spaces have to offer to their member community:

Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is a hot topic for every entrepreneur today. The most common seating arrangements available at a coworking space are hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins, and day pass.

Coworking space vs coworking cafe: Motivation, Productivity, Amenities, Ambience.

Joining a coworking space has endless benefits. The major advantage is motivation. Your everyday productivity undoubtedly increases when you are surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Another positive aspect of coworking is a host of workspace options available. If you need space just for a day, month, year- there’s all.

Every coworking space is completely equipped with a lot of amenities. From a comfortable lounge, CCTV surveillance trained housekeeping staff to have fun at the games arena for taking a break.

Additionally, coworking spaces allow you to both organize and attend exciting events, seminars, and valuable discussions.

Working in a coworking environment is peaceful. When you are surrounded by peaceful people, you tend to work efficiently.

Coworking Cafes

The idea of a coworking cafe is as refreshing as the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It is simply a cafe allowing people to work, hold discussions or just have fun at a quirky lounge.

A place where you do not take stress to pay for snacks, but for the time you choose to spend here. Whether you are a student or hippie or startup, you all are welcome with open arms. With the decrease of living space, a greater need is felt to simply meet and catch up with friends.

Seeing the rapidly changing scenario, it is crucial that cafes are used to their full potential. The new-age millennial customers are expecting more today. This has led to the coworking culture injected in cafeterias, increasing this concept across multiple cities in India and the world.

Pros and Cons of Coworking Space vs Coworking Cafe 

The Pros- 

  1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee will energize you and inspire you to give your best at work.
  2. Quirky interiors and your favorite Italian Pasta on your plate add to the positive experience.
  3. You can easily get into a working mood and get distracted only by the need for a coffee or loud neighbour.

The Cons 

Minimal Safety: If you have to go to the bathroom, you will have two choices to make. Either leave all your belongings unattended or take all of them with you.

Sometimes, the internet connection becomes unstable which becomes a hindrance to your working speed.

When visiting a coworking cafe, you are not definite whether you will get a table and charging point nearby.

Every cafe isn’t interested in welcoming customers who sit for long hours at one place. Unless you are ready to gulp in a dozen coffees and sandwiches, it’s always suggested to not visit such places.

Coworking Space Vs Coworking Cafes: Challenges

The reinvention is happening at a commendable speed and capacity. But, achieving this isn’t easy at all. There are several challenges one encounters during this process-

Space issues: For cafes, turning into a coworking space will require additional spaces. Adding more space will lead up to increased costs which every cafe owner might not be willing to invest in.

Location matters: For a cafe to be operational at maximum capacity, it should be located at a prime location. This centralized location will attract a lot of consumers to eat, work and have fun.

Parking problems: Parking becomes a huge issue when turning a cafe into a coworking space. Cafes with a garden view mostly invite walk-in consumers from the neighborhood. But the actual issue arises when there’s nil or less parking space for members.

Operating permits: For turning a cafe into a coworking space, multiple permits are required for a smooth operation. From F&B, healthcare, music to more, the process becomes tedious.


Everyone works best under different conditions. The type of work you perform will result in the type of workplace you choose for yourself. Coworking space vs coworking cafe-both has their advantages and disadvantages.

But one thing is definite. You will have to know the best-suited workplace with some experimentation. Go there, take a membership plan for a day or week, and see where your productivity reaches the best.

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