Effective Marketing Strategies for Coworking Spaces

There is no doubt that the popularity of coworking spaces among remote workers, freelancers, and startups is definitely rising. But not every coworking space is popular enough to get members to fill the total seating capacity.

As a coworking space provider/owner, you must be constantly thinking of different marketing strategies to fill your space, don’t you?

So, here we are with creative and effective marketing plans for your coworking space. We hope you find the following marketing strategies helpful enough to make a substantial difference in the number of members walking into your coworking space.

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2. Target Marketing

If you are able to get people to come to your coworking space and sign up for a tour, you are half successful in your marketing efforts there. Many people who can be your potential customers don’t know about the existence of your coworking space. And to make them aware of your coworking space, you have to reach out to them digitally or physically.

You can run Google ads or Facebook ads in your city to make people aware of your space. In offline marketing, you can go out to coffee shops, offices, restaurants and every possible place where your potential customers visit.

Invest time in listening to them, make deeper connections, join them in events, and share knowledge.

Don’t try to sell your services immediately, offer your services when they start trusting you.

Invite them to your coworking space and show them around the space and amenities you have available.

Eventually, you will either gain a customer or lose one. But in both cases, you have made a good connection and reputation.

3. Good Website

One of the basic steps before planning to start actual marketing of your coworking space is to have a good quality website. A professionally designed website with all the essential information including testimonials from former and current customers, images, membership plans, prices, etc. is a must for every business to flourish.

Keep the website updated and it should be SEO optimized so that if anyone searches for anything related to coworking space, your website comes to the top.

Your website should have a simple and interactive user interface. It should be mobile-friendly in order to reach more potential customers.

Your website should be a direct reflection of the work ethics and values of your business. To provide a relevant contact number, email address, and other contact details on the website for resolving queries. In short, a website is the first step towards attracting a good number of customers.

4. Dedicated Blog

From business growing ideas to new technologies and networking ideas, there are various topics that are of common interest to the modern workforce. Everyone working in the coworking space wants to feel like they are a part of the community. In order to make them feel so, a dedicated blog section or newsletter can be of great help. A blog must be well-updated on a regular basis or frequently.

Having a content-rich blog is one of the best ways to engage community members and other potential customers. Blogs are a good way to develop and strengthen your relationships with existing and new coworking members.

5. Social Media Presence

Leverage all social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. Keep posting content in the form of images and videos related to your coworking spaces and services to all social media accounts.

Try to engage with the followers and build deeper relationships by earning their trust. Take advantage of various social media features such as ads, do promote your important posts to keep the followers updated about important announcements.

Create your own style, experiment with the designs and post unique content. You can take inspiration from similar business operators but never copy their ideas.

Keep the posts informative, engaging and attractive. You can also use your virtual presence to show people the inside of your coworking spaces, the community members, events and fun.

Spend a good amount of time planning your social media strategies. You can hire an expert to manage your social media presence or some agency too.

6. Encouraging Members

Have you ever thought about what should be done after getting your space filled with members? Does the marketing game have to end after they sign up for your services, of course not!

Let us tell you an indirect way of marketing for your coworking spaces- Spotlighting Members. Post a congratulations tweet on your social media accounts declaring who has been the regular member of your space. Do not forget to announce some sort of rewards as well.

Whenever you sit for the calculation of the number of users weekly, monthly or fortnightly, make sure to write the name of the most loved and well-behaved user somewhere safely.

You can choose to announce the names on any specific day or you can announce on any random day depending on your personal choice. This will encourage other coworkers to be regular and will also attract many other people to sign up for your coworking space.

7. Host Events

Make the most of your coworking space and use it beyond just working requirements. Hosting events can give your coworking space a boost of fame overnight. You can organize music concerts, dance parties, lunch/dinner parties, art exhibitions, aerobics sessions etc. You can also arrange workshops, seminars, ted talks for the community members on various topics to which they can relate with.

Always try to add more value to the life of community members. Help them learn more skills by organizing classes for them on various courses like graphic design, digital marketing, cooking and makeup etc.

Try to offer a discount, especially to the members. Such events promote social interaction, networking, teamwork and skill-development etc. This will attract more customers and your coworking space will be filled with a happy community.

8. Membership Perks

Providing different perks and incentives to the community members is one of the best ways to do marketing of your coworking space. You can give some complementary hours to work and sit for free in meeting/conference rooms. Arrange free snacks like coffee/tea, chips, sandwiches etc. for the coworkers. It is a very attractive marketing strategy because people love food, don’t they?

Take their help and make them feel a part of the coworking community. If you have a web developer among your coworkers, ask him/her to provide his services in exchange for free membership.

Also, do analyze the needs and nature of your clients. Provide them day care facilities, nap rooms, pet care rooms, fitness rooms, and similar recreational spaces within the membership plan.

9. Collaborate with Local Businesses-

If you have some coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and gift shops in nearby proximity to your coworking space, you can collaborate with them for your business marketing.

Purchase coffee from the local coffee shops, buy gifts from the local gift shop, and order meals from nearby restaurants. You can partner with local courier companies, theatres for special screenings, transportation systems for free rides etc.

By doing so, you are promoting your business as well as local businesses. It is one of the best marketing strategies to make your business reach to a wider audience. You can ask local business owners to promote your coworking space or recommend your space to their customers. This is what a healthy business ecosystem means, right?

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