Coworking Spaces vs Traditional Offices

If you are considering renting a coworking space or buying a traditional office space, there are so many things to consider before finalizing the space.

First of all, understanding the difference between a coworking space and a traditional office space is very important for you before making any decision. It depends on the type of business, budget, team size, potential clients etc. To give you a fair understanding of which one you should choose, we have 5 C-words for you to notice. Let’s get started!

1. Creativity

Nobody can just jump-start their creative minds, it needs an inspiring and encouraging environment which is possible with coworking spaces. The positive energy, the coffee smell, the soothing atmosphere, unique artworks on the walls and the like-minded people is all what it takes to create a comfortable space for creative individuals.

Simply a change in location cannot bring that creativity baggage out of an individual. It needs self-motivated and hardworking people around to set up a highly-productive working environment. That’s the reason for why people go out of their house to a coffee shop or a library to get their business done in an efficient way. Whereas, a traditional office space is not so much motivating. It is just you and a four wall cubicle!

2. Cost-efficient

From office stationery to contract renewal and parking etc., you have to organize and manage each and every thing in a traditional office. It consumes a lot of time, money and efforts in getting the right setup, resources and technology to ensure hassle-free operations.

Whereas in a coworking space, it is much affordable to run a business. You get everything done from housekeeping to security, food and office supplies etc. You have to pay a monthly rent for the desks you are working. Along with your desks, you get air conditioning, power backup, unlimited coffee, free wifi and what not. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Community

There is a physical barrier between colleagues in traditional offices due to the fixed cubicles. It restricts communication and sharing of information & ideas. Whereas in coworking spaces, it is all about networking and collaboration.

You have a community of like-minded people that supports, understands, encourages and values your work. Suppose you are a banker, you can still have architects, designers and lawyers in your networks. All thanks to coworking spaces for introducing this new way of working where we can learn, share and grow together.

4. Contract

In traditional offices, you have to sign a long-lease agreement, you are bound to it for at least 2-3 years in a traditional office. It has zero flexibility which increases the overall cost. There are no flexible membership plans in a traditional style office.

On the other hand, coworking spaces offer flexibility where you can lease one desk or five desks or ten desks as per your need and for as long as you want. You will be paying for the time you are using the coworking space, you are not forced to sign any long-term lease contract. The flexible choices a coworking space offers is absolutely remarkable.

5. Control

Unlike a coworking space, a traditional office gives you the power and privacy to control the working environment around you as per your wish. You can change and rearrange the setup without worrying about your coworkers.

You have more privacy in traditional offices than in a coworking arrangement. You are the boss of your desks/cubicle in a conventional office space where you can work the way you want and nobody will question your choice at all. You can even settle there for a long-term basis if you wish to.

So, control is one factor that you get more in your hands in a traditional office and not in a coworking space.

Which one is better for you?

Coworking spaces are beneficial if you have a small business or you are a freelancer. Working alone can be frustrating and boring, so you can consider a coworking space. There you will have many networking and collaboration opportunities unlike traditional office space.

And if you have a fairly large company and team size then you can consider leasing a traditional office space. They offer a sense of privacy and focus on individual productivity. But ultimately the choice is yours!

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