Coworking Space Trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic did slow down the coworking space industry in 2020. But due to the brilliant innovations and approaches in 2021, trends are setting the pace gradually.

From changing designs to technology and marketing strategies, coworking spaces are undergoing many changes. We are going to discuss some of the latest additions to the coworking industry which are important for its survival and growth.

Let’s have a look at some of those coworking space trends-

  1. Hybrid Coworking Models
  2. IoT & Automation
  3. Severe Hygienic Rules
  4. Strong Marketing Game
  5. Eco-Friendly Designs

1. Hybrid Coworking Models:

Coworking as a concept has been constantly evolving since it started. As the user base of coworking increases and diversifies, so does the demand for new designs of coworking spaces.

Introducing hybrid coworking models is the need of the hour because it offers variety to people who want more options in workspace designs. Transforming a restaurant or a coffee shop into a coworking space is a brilliant idea where the members can work and still enjoy the perks such as unlimited coffee and beverages.

In short, a hybrid model offers both the private and open workspace setting for confidential meetings and social interactions respectively.

2. IoT & Automation:

Latest technologies, wireless devices, gadgets, countless integrations, and effective software combos are bombarded in the market. Especially in the year 2020, tech-enabled devices played a crucial role in making businesses run amidst the crisis.

The smart space revolution is incomplete without IoT and Automation. Transforming coworking spaces into smart spaces is necessary to improvise the coworking experience.

A quintessential coworking space must have all the IoT-enabled facilities and services such as an augmented workplace environment, security & access control, telepresence, remote dashboard control etc.

To achieve energy-conserving and cost-saving methods, it is good to go with transforming coworking spaces into smart spaces completely. From booking a coworking space to payment and feedback, everything must be on smartphones for a seamless experience.

3. Severe Hygienic Rules:

After the pandemic, people became very concerned about their health, hygiene, and safety. It is obvious for coworking space companies to issue some severe hygienic rules so that the members feel safe and stay healthy.

The contactless payment and booking methods ensure social distancing. Coworking space has installed hand sanitizer dispensers on every table, cafeteria, meeting room and reception for members’ safety.

Many coworking spaces have decreased the number of desks to avoid close contact among the members. All the surfaces, phone booths, keyboards, etc. are properly sanitized on a regular basis.

4. Strong Marketing Game:

The isolation period and economical stress have reduced coworking business promotions. So, 2021 is the year in which the coworking industry is dedicating to strengthening its marketing game.

Capturing customers’ attention has become the primary goal in the coworking space industry. Maintaining an optimized website, updating social media pages, and producing quality content is the key to attracting the audience. Digital marketing campaigns play an important role when it comes to corporate clients.

5. Eco-Friendly Designs:

Everybody is focusing on designs that promote nature preservation and environmental protection. The latest design trends incorporate the minimal use of plastic and more use of recycled materials.

You must have seen the trend of putting plants on the coworking premises. It reduces stress and anxiety with the refreshing air. A properly ventilated space with natural sunlight is ideal for all coworking spaces.

The aim is to develop such a space design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly. The younger generation is more focused on environmental protection. They are eating less meat, and boycotting leather and plastic items to save the environment. That’s why greens-spaces are becoming a trend in 2021. 


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