How Coliving is Reshaping the Rental Housing in India

Rapid increase in the demand of coliving spaces in India shows how much people are willing to share, learn and grow with a community.

Taking the rental accommodations to a whole new level, coliving spaces in India are achieving success in attracting a lot of young people to stay in and enjoy premium amenities and services provided by the modern coliving spaces.

We can witness the change already among the millennials who tend to support and accept people for who they are. It will not be a surprise saying that coliving spaces are truly changing the game of rental housing in India. Let’s discuss more in detail. Shall we?

Gender Equity: India has a huge younger population which is educated enough to put an end on the gender discrimination. And this is one of the main reasons why coliving spaces are hugely in demand especially among these millennials. There is a sense of acceptance among the younger generation which is not judgemental about the caste, race, gender and bank balance etc. of the people around them. These orthodox notions are being diluted further and further with each passing  generation.

Tech-Friendly: The younger generation is fascinated with technology. With the boom in the internet services and other technological advancements,  more and more people are getting enough tech exposure. Coliving spaces ensure seamless internet connection, air conditioning, wifi and biometric security systems etc. to support all the modern tech needs of the residents and ensure optimal security.

These amenities are offered as basic necessities in coliving spaces whereas traditional rental accommodations try to provide these as a novelty. Coliving spaces gives more freedom of using modern services without any hassle. After a long and tiring  day,  this younger generation craves for a high-speed internet and a fully equipped and air-conditioned room to binge watch Netflix. Coliving spaces takes the hassle away.

Safety: In coliving spaces, safety is the top most priority. You are provided with high-level security including biometric security systems and 24×7 CCTV coverage. These are the modern solutions to the traditional security threats (wardens or security guards).

Physical security is so outdated and can easily be fooled by anyone. That’s why modern solutions are necessary to tackle such challenges. When modern coliving spaces are designed, architects ensure that the building is safe and sound with negligible security loopholes. The most amazing thing about coliving spaces is the active assistance through apps and on site staff available incase of any emergency.

Quality: The quality of life at coliving spaces is absolutely remarkable. You have to admit it that no other rental accommodation in India can offer such a luxurious lifestyle. With unlimited perks and facilities under an affordable price range is possible only with coliving spaces.

The right location, right people, right price, right environment and everything in a coliving space is perfect without a doubt. And that’s why people are gravitating towards coliving more than traditional rental options. And it is commonly assumed that coliving spaces are for millennials only. No, that’s not the case, coliving is for every age group looking for experiencing communal living.

Comfort and Ease:

Comfort and Ease are the deciding factors that influence almost all of us in choosing a rental accommodation. The definition of comfort has expanded a lot in the last few decades. From a nice air-conditioned bedroom to a technologically sound and equipped room, people need all the modern amenities now.

Internet access, air-conditioning, recreation spaces, common living rooms, cafes, fitness rooms etc. decide whether a place is worth spending the money on or not.

Coliving spaces not only provide all these amenities but also offer various extra features like joined office spaces, gym, garden, swimming pool etc. Various curated events like parties, open mikes, karaoke nights, etc. are also organized in coliving spaces which enables a holistic social living environment and also helps in networking.

Communal Living: Coliving is all about community building which promotes the concept of ‘sharing is caring’ with so much enthusiasm. In Coliving, common spaces and amenities like cafes, recreation spaces, etc. are shared between the residents. This increases the networking opportunities thereby opening a new realm of skill sharing and mutual growth.

Living together enables meeting like-minded people, sharing life experiences and opportunities both in personal and professional life. Networking and Collaboration opportunities are very rare to find in traditional rental accommodations.

More career opportunities and employment means more people contributing to the nation’s economy. Communal living can prove to be a huge advantage for the country in a number of ways.

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