Hygge Office Space – What it is and How to incorporate it?

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that means coziness and comfort that erupts in a feeling of happiness.

The country, Denmark is known for its extremely cold winters but the happiest among all in the entire world. Experts believe that a hygge office space environment is made up of experiences like soothing lighting, eateries all around, plants in the office spaces, relaxing music to the ears, light-hearted conversations or an adorable cat by the side.

Every workplace has a different kind of vibe or culture. So, the word means different to different people, so all in all it is a feeling of being home. You can apply hygge to your office space and make it an exciting one to work at. Ideas like transforming the office design, adding lots of greenery, giving different perks and more can be implemented for your employees. Let’s lookout at some of them in deep below-

Ideas for incorporating Hygge in your Office Space

  1. Lush greenery:

    It is a proven fact that greenery reduces stress, sounds, and air toxins in an office space. Reducing stress for your employees becomes important in a highly targeted driven business. Plus, these are easy on the eyes, pocket, and maintenance.

  2. Bookshelves:

    Add colorful bookshelves to your office walls to give a pleasing look and charm to your office staff. They also let the employees do beyond their duties. Displaying stationary like pens, notepads, and paperclips in a highly visible way can help in bringing hygge to the office space.

  3. Pretty lighting:

    The way you light up your office directly impacts the productivity of your employees. With lights, either it can turn out to be a peaceful or stressful area.

  4. Cafeteria:

    Talk to popular eateries and bring them aboard your office space. It can either be a coffee shop or a cafe which will make your employees feel happy from time to time. Take their feedback whether they like it or not.

  5. Better office space designs:

    Sitting in a small cabin can become monotonous for an employee all day long. Brainstorm ideas that can help improve your office space design. People like to move from seat to seat in order to take breaks between work. Keep spaces for private meetings, individual corners for some peace and common areas for conversation.

  6. Different benefits:

    Provide some miscellaneous perks which make your employees feel happy to come to work. This might be a super healthy breakfast on Mondays, an office cafeteria, a particular colour code for Saturdays or once a monthly picnic to a local park.

Bringing hygge to your office is an utmost important activity. The feeling of warmth, familiarity and being rewarded can be a great boost to employee morale. Brainstorm with your team on how you can implement all these experiences into reality.

You do not need to restrict yourself to the above-mentioned suggestions. But rather, go beyond the box and bring in new changes. During these processes, it may happen that some employees may not be comfortable. Talk to them as they could have their own fixed professional and personal limitations.

Everything combined, consider your employees and office culture before finalizing ideas to bring hygge in your workspace. Choose a few initially and see how your staff reacts to them. It is hardly that anyone will have any issue with it.

So, go ahead and make your workplace heaven for your employees. Always let them feel home away from home. This way you can keep them boosted for every day’s productivity.

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