10 Creative Office Wall Design Ideas to Boost Productivity

Those were the monotonous days when people were comfortable with working amidst white walls all around. But the scenario is no more the same. The millennials of today have much wider and quirky demands in order to create a relaxing office environment.

So here we have penned down 10 creative office wall design ideas that you can implement with minimum resources at your end.

Lush Greenery around

It is one of the modern office wall design ideas that help one to rejuvenate all the day’s stress. Putting up green walls in an office space will benefit your employees to relax and increase productivity from their end.

Plus, these trending office wall designs are seen almost everywhere today. They are super easy to maintain and do.

Travel the complete world

If your business is associated with extensive travelling local and abroad, then put on stickers that speak loud of you. Adorn your walls with famous walls or monuments with colourful hues.

Such quirky wall design ideas for offices will help boost the overall productivity of your employees.

Wall of fame

Choose one particular wall in the office, which you seem is visible from almost everywhere. Dedicate it to your present staff showcasing their relentless hard work towards the company.

Hang their annual awards and certificates which will surely turn out to be a work booster for them.

Motivational Quotes

A simple yet impactful way to motivate your employees is to decorate your office walls with some motivational quotes. These being all around the office premises can entirely change the work culture in the office.

Scribble on the walls

Does your workplace have limited space? Do you feel the need of explaining important business related concepts but there is no space to write? Then, there is no need to worry.

There’s a simple solution. Just paint a wall or two with chalkboard paint. This way you will get ample space to note down crucial stuff.

Floating Shelves

For giving an artistic cum sophisticated look to your office walls, place some honeycomb or rectangle shaped floating shelves.

Place books, plants, or any other decorative piece. Such creative office wall design ideas are definitely going to help you in many ways.

Colour the corridor & balcony

When it comes to office wall design ideas, don’t just stick to your inside walls. Go out of the boundary and bring your corridors and balcony alive with a melange of colours. This way there will be the least amount of monotony in the whole office premises.

Stick some stickers on the walls

Stick some inspirational stickers on the office walls in order to motivate the employees. You can brainstorm on which stickers to choose for each wall. These are super simple to install and remove as well.

Some fashion up on the walls

If you are a fashion designer or your business is about fashion, then why would you like to miss a chance to make your office walls speak loud of the work you do. Whether you want to adorn something simple or whacky, it’s all your choice at the end of the day.

Present your work onto the office walls

If you are a digital marketing agency that is into multiple businesses like travel, fashion, lifestyle, food, and more, then the best office wall design idea for you is to devote the kind of work you do.

Displaying employees’ work can be a great boost to their everyday productivity.

So, out of the above creative and modern wall design ideas for the office, which one do you like the most? Make sure to have a word with your employees before finalizing the look of the office walls.

Because in the end, whatever you decide is going to have an impact not only on them but also exterior people like clients and suppliers.

Choose the one which boasts of your work culture and brings in the much needed positivity all around. So, transform both your office interiors and exteriors with our office wall design ideas and let the change fulfill your company aims.

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