Smart Coliving Spaces

The reason for the increased demand for Coliving spaces is the rise in the feeling of loneliness among young individuals. Coliving spaces are a second home for many millennials of this generation. It provides modern facilities and services in order to make your stay more comfortable and luxurious.

Coliving Operators are now transforming their properties into “Smart Coliving Spaces”. The concept of Smart Coliving Space revolves around two important things- technology & community.

Various initiatives have been taken to strengthen coliving experience. For example, advanced devices, tools, services and apps etc. Technology possesses the power to enhance the coliving experience and provide a holistic lifestyle to the community.

Following are some of the technology-friendly efforts made to transform an Ordinary Coliving Space into a Smart Coliving Space-

Virtual Tour:

Many coliving spaces are using 360-degree virtual reality technology to show around the entire space. This way people don’t have to physically visit every property before selecting an ideal one. A virtual tour enables everyone to feel that they are actually visiting the property and gives a proper idea of how space actually looks in real life.

These days, people are more aware and they will go where there is a profit. That’s why coliving spaces are incorporating virtual tours on their websites to save client’s commuting time and money. It also saves the efforts of the person guiding clients on the visit. And that’s what technology is all about- saving human efforts and time. Virtual tours are also very cost-effective and convenient.

Contactless Payments: 

Apparently, India is taking the digital revolution quite seriously. And contactless payment is a major step towards making the digital revolution successful. The use of E-wallets and contactless cards has made everything so convenient and quick. Coliving spaces are also contributing to the Digital India vision in their own ways.

The tenants are asked to pay their monthly rent via online payment methods to avoid any fraud and security concerns. This way, the money is sent safely and the best part is there is always proof of payment made. Mostly all the coliving spaces ask tenants to pay their electricity bills on their own. They need to transfer the money by using a dedicated application as per their usage and convenience.

Some spaces also offer a fully functional kitchen in case anyone wants to cook at midnight. Sometimes, people have specific choices when it comes to their meals. In that case, they can easily order the ingredients they need and make use of contactless payment methods to buy groceries and other eatables. No need to step out in search of the edibles you need on the street at midnight.

Voice Control:

Would it not be great if you could just say it out and the task is magically done? Yes, that’s the power of voice control automation. When you are using modern technologies, you are not only making your surroundings convenient but also enhancing your way of living.

It is used to control various home appliances such as speakers, security appliances, lights, air conditioners, fans etc. via voice-controlled android application. One can even dim the light and change the colour of the wallpaper too. So, no more conflicts with the roommate over switching off lights. We should not forget to acknowledge the amazing speech recognition technology because it wouldn’t be possible with it.


Earlier, iPads were used to operate all the smart devices. That’s why larger touch panels were introduced. As the number of smart devices increased, the need for larger dashboards also increased. Many spaces have replaced electrical switches with smart touch panels. You can operate it from any location of the world through an android application.

There are such panels that are used for multiple purposes such as temperature monitoring, weather updates, event reminders and setting alarms. We can now imagine replacing all the buttons with touchpanels to a great extent. The Coliving sector is very grateful to such innovations as these modern technologies are working in favour of its growth.

House Management Apps:

House Management Apps are very useful for both landlords and tenants. They can track rent payments, check expenses, post vacancy ads and generate invoices. From onboarding to maintenance, inspections, self-scheduling and automation, everything can be managed through a house management application. It offers features such as auto-cancellation, reminders, chatbots for intelligent answers and much more.

The need of an hour is to have a platform where tenants and owners can actually interact without physically meeting each other. And the solution is very simple- House Management App. Many owners are settled in some faraway location from their property and they need to know whatever is going on in his/her property. The very simple way to check all the activities is through house management applications.

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