Top 5 Myths about Coliving Spaces

Coliving is not any foreign concept, it is there for centuries. Now it is gaining global popularity at a rapid rate. People took a substantial amount of time to understand the concept of Coliving. Although a major section of the society has broadly adapted it. But still, there are so many myths going around related to Coliving. This results in confusion and misconceptions which mislead people.

Let’s bust all the myths through this article and reveal the truth.

Following are the top 5 myths about Coliving-

Not for Families:

The myth that Coliving does not suit families or allows families to stay is absolutely wrong. If you are an unmarried/ married couple or friends or a single parent, Coliving welcomes everyone to rent a fully-furnished and well-equipped room as per their convenience and budget.

More and more young couples are choosing to live together unlike old times. Now, people are focusing more on community-living, networking, resource sharing and diversity. Coliving allows people to live under the same roof irrespective of their age, financial status, religion, caste, origin etc.

Only for the Younger Generation:

The truth is Coliving Spaces are available for people of all ages but most people who lease Coliving Spaces are in the age group of 20-30 years. Coliving is a service that is designed considering all the needs of digital nomads including travellers, backpackers, working professionals and students.  There can be various reasons why people over 30-years are less in number to lease Coliving Spaces. But it does not mean Coliving Spaces are not available for them.

Many people of this generation shift to new cities in search of job opportunities or to finish their higher education. That’s why millennials choose to lease Coliving Spaces. They also have a choice of paying guest accommodation and hostel. But they prefer Coliving Spaces due to the unlimited perks including cost-effectiveness, high-level security, collaborative space, professional hosts, networking opportunities, community of like-minded people and other world-class amenities etc.

No Privacy:

Community living does not hinder your personal space at all. Coliving spaces offer private rooms where there is peace and nobody can disturb your privacy. Close the door and enjoy living the way you like. Socializing does not necessarily mean that you need to give up on your privacy, not at all! The only purpose to have open kitchens, common halls, terrace lounges is to bring people together for healthy discussions and sharing experiences.

Community and Privacy can co-exist and you can witness it on your own in modern Coliving Spaces. If you focus on the unlimited facilities and services offered, privacy issues won’t look that troublesome to you. You can socialize, build connections, make new friends and still keep your privacy intact. This is only possible in Coliving Spaces.

Too Expensive:

Many people think Coliving Spaces are way too expensive and it is better to rent an apartment instead. But the reality is totally different from what has been assumed by a lot of people. It is very much affordable if you consider the amenities you get within the monthly rent. You are offered free wifi, a washing machine, modern furniture, power backup, delicious food, comfy beds, housekeeping, refrigerator, high-level security and much more.

Whereas in an apartment, you need to arrange everything from furniture to food on your own. The reality is, you have to spend double in apartments. And after spending a lot of money on the house essentials, you end up moving somewhere else leaving all the stuff behind. We hope this myth is also scratched off successfully.

Safety Issues: 

Metropolitan cities have an image of being unsafe. But coliving brands have a reputation for providing a safe and secure environment. We totally understand the hesitancy before leasing a Coliving Space. For more clarity on the subject, do ask for the lease agreement and read reviews before finalizing the space. You can also interact with the people who are already living in the coliving property you have visited.

Mostly all the coliving spaces have biometric security systems installed on their premises to ensure your safety. There are CCTVs installed on every floor of the coliving properties. There is an emergency response team in almost every coliving space to assist you in case of any emergency for example- a medical emergency, natural disaster and robbery etc.

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