Transforming Restaurants into Coworking Spaces

Workspace in restaurants and cafes is quite a popular concept these days among freelancers, remote workers, part time employees, designers, bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, writers etc.

People have widely adapted to this concept of working in a restaurant. Especially self-employed people are making the most of it due to the access of free internet, air conditioning, cool vibes, easy networking and lots of food.

Like the idea, hmm? If yes, then please read further to know why a restaurant is a good option to consider as a coworking space? Is it beneficial or not? How can you turn it into a productive coworking space?

Why to turn a restaurant into a coworking space?

Have enough power outlets? Fast-speed wifi? Productive Ambience? Good food and drinks to serve? If the answer is yes, then congratulations because it won’t take too long to convert this kind of restaurant with these basic amenities into a coworking space.

There are many reasons why turning a restaurant into a coworking space is a good step to take.

More Revenue: There is a large population of self-employed people out there in the world who are constantly looking for a productive and lively workspace. Restaurants are the best places to fulfil  this need.

Opening a workspace in a restaurant will increase the sale of food and beverages and would bring extra profit from the flexible membership plans. This will help both the restaurant owners as well as members of the community.

Growing Market: After 2020, people have realized how uncertain life is. Businesses are being operated mostly remotely. Therefore, the number of people working remotely has increased tremendously. Hence, there is a huge demand for coworking space where people can work and restaurants are the best place for fulfilling this requirement.

New clientele: You can easily reach a new clientele by turning your restaurant into coworking space. Suppose a person comes daily to work in your restaurant and likes the vibes and food. The same person may come along with his friends and family to dine in your restaurant.

This way you can increase your customer base. And if a person came to dine in your restaurant and saw other people working there, he may consider coming daily to your restaurant for work. Isn’t it amazing?

Comfortable: After a tiring day when people come to your restaurant for dinner, they expect little more than just good food. They want comfortable seating, relaxing vibes and coziness in the ambience.

And these days, all restaurants have it! That’s what makes restaurants a good choice for incorporating a coworking setup. Dinner-only restaurants, cafes and quick-service restaurants make a good fit for coworking spaces.

What are its Benefits?

It is very much evident that coworking spaces are rapidly becoming popular and they are here to stay forever. It is a rapidly growing phenomenon which is beneficial in various ways. One of the new trends among pop-up workspaces- Restaurant Coworking Space also has many benefits. Let’s discuss in detail.

Cheaper Alternative: If you are a small business looking for an economical yet productive workspace then you can consider restaurant coworking spaces. There is a significant gap in the price of a coworking space membership and restaurant coworking membership. There are so many companies in the market that operate out of a restaurant which is really one of the best ways to save money.

Community: There are many restaurant coworking spaces which have dedicated collaboration spaces for meetings and discussions with the clients and collaborators. A restaurant is a good place to meet new people and start with an informal chat. You get various opportunities to build connections and exchange business ideas later.

Some restaurant coworking spaces also host community events especially for networking purposes. In such events, you can share your knowledge, give referral, advertise your service and much more.

Vocal for Local: A coworking space setup can give small restaurant owners more opportunities to generate more revenue. It also helps them in surviving during the seasonal-off hours of operation. You can witness many restaurant owners are converting their restaurant property into a coworking space by adding a few office essential items like printers, more power outlets, scanner, copier, phone booths, collaboration spaces etc.

If you are a self-employed person then you must support local restaurant businesses and educate them in how they can increase their popularity and revenue by converting their property into a coworking space.

Important Amenities: If you have the restaurant coworking space membership, then you will be provided with mostly all the important amenities such as fast-speed wifi, unlimited beverages, member discounts, networking opportunities, printer, air conditioning, power outlets.

Besides, some spaces are trying to introduce additional amenities such as collaboration spaces, rewards program, individual workstations and much more. In the coming future, restaurant coworking spaces are going to be very popular and every local restaurant owner would want to have a working space in his/her property.

How can you turn a restaurant into a coworking space?

There are a number of ways how you can make it possible. It needs some addition and subtraction of things in your restaurant and there you go! Following are the ideas to easily convert a restaurant into an ideal coworking setup.

You must have a fast-speed wifi connection and other office essentials like printer, scanner, power outlets, phone booths, collaboration spaces, workstations etc.

The choice of music has to be changed a little due to concentration issues. The music has to be calm and which contributes to work productivity. You have to make sure that the music is calm as well as not boring for the diners.

Remove the trash bins away from the work desks so that the trash does not distract people from their work.

Provide a specialized food menu which includes beverages like sandwiches, salads, coffee, tea, cookies which working professionals can easily have and reboot themselves.

Place a water bottle, tissues, pen, paper and other essential things on their work table so that they don’t have to bring their own.

Make sure the seats are comfortable enough and the surroundings are clean and lively.

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