Types of Recreational Facilities in Coworking Spaces

It is very common for an individual to feel exhausted after working continuously for several hours. Hence, coworking spaces host various recreational activities to refresh your energy levels. Because that’s the demand of the modern workforce.

Some of the benefits of recreational spaces are –

  1. It keeps the people engaged and entertained.
  2. It helps people unwind, relax and reboot themselves.
  3. It gives more job satisfaction and increases productivity.
  4. It helps in unleashing hidden talents.
  5. It offers unexpected collaboration and networking opportunities. etc.

Types of Recreational Spaces

Let’s discuss some of the recreational zones which can prove to be a great way to boost energy and productivity.

Below is the list of types of recreational spaces that must be a part of every coworking space:

  1. Gaming Zone 
  2. Phone Booths 
  3. Cafes 
  4. Patios 
  5. Nap Rooms
  6. Community Lounges 

1. Gaming Zones

Studies show that playing any sort of games can improve mental health. Even video games reduce stress and anxiety very quickly. Having anti-stress breaks is very crucial in a workspace.

A gaming zone also ensures good bonding among coworkers and thereby strengthening teamwork quality. You can say, games are the best way to teach the importance of teamwork.

2. Phone Booths

Phone booths not only help you in taking private calls but also keeps your secret information in. You can also use phone booths for video conferences to add class and professionalism.

3. Cafes

Cafes are one of the most recreational amenities in a coworking space. Sip on your favorite coffee and have unlimited beverages. It is mainly for chilling, chit-chat and coffee (obviously).

Besides, a cafe has all sorts of delicacies which you can eat whenever you feel hungry. It is the best place where you laugh off all the struggles, obstacles, stress and hardships you have been facing in your work life.

4. Patios

Patios are open spaces built outside the coworking centers. You can sit and enjoy sunlight, fresh air, lush greenery and vibrant designs.

Coworkers get a good time to socialize and network in patios. It is a good place for team lunches and dinners. This roofless kind of open space has various benefits such as improved productivity and concentration etc.

5. Nap rooms

Anyone could never have imagined sleeping in the workplace a decade ago. But these days companies are encouraging sleeping pods and nap rooms to have a short power nap whenever they feel exhausted. It is proven that a power nap helps in boosting productivity.

6. Community Lounges

Community lounges are conversational and networking hubs where people of diverse backgrounds come together and celebrate various occasions. It is the very place where new ideas are born, new connections are made and business deals are proposed.

A community lounge has a welcoming atmosphere which is comforting and overwhelming. It comprises chairs, sofas, bean bags, and various seating options for individuals and a team. Coworkers can play, chat, relax, host events, and share knowledge in the community lounge.


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