Why to book an Office space online?

Thinking of hiring a real estate agent before buying an office space? Stop going with the traditional way of booking office space. In this article, we will be discussing why booking office spaces online is the best option for you. Do read till the end and thank us later.

Time has changed, earlier you used to involve real estate agents to gather information on the office spaces of your choice. He would do his best and make you buy an office space of your choice.

This was the traditional way of booking. Now let’s discuss the modern way of booking office space- Online Booking.

People prefer ready-to-use office spaces or flexible workspaces for specific purposes. In today’s times, online booking is a very powerful and essential tool for coworking space providers and flexible office space operators to reach more customers. Every coworking space provider must have a platform or software for online space booking.

To make you understand better why booking office space online is more convenient, we have listed down some of the reasons for the same. Following are the benefits of online office space booking mainly observed –

  1. Allows Comparision
  2. Valid Information 
  3. Review & Ratings
  4. Accepts Online Payments 
  5. Saves Time
  6. No Brokerage 
  7. Customer Support 

1. Allows Comparison 

One of the best features of online booking is that it allows you to compare all the options available. Whether you want private office space, customized office space, or flexible office space, the online platform will give you a wide range of options to choose from.

You can easily compare the location, interior, price, area, and everything else. All options are available at the click of a button.

You can filter your preferences of office space as per the location, area, and price, etc.

Whereas, it is impossible for any real estate agent to have an idea of the price and area of all the office spaces available in your city. Online booking has made the shortlisting and booking process way too easy for everyone.

2. Valid Information 

No clickbait marketing, only genuine office spaces are listed on the online platform of reputed organizations. The office spaces are listed along with the correct location, pricing and amenities available. 

You won’t receive any random calls from fake companies or fake brokers. Online bookings are trusted by many working professionals who do not have enough time for the search process.

They go on the online portals of reputed organizations which provide office spaces and book through them. Each and every piece of information is 100% valid and verified by the companies themselves. Because they care for their customers’ satisfaction as well as for their reputation.

3. Reviews & Ratings 

If you hire any real estate agent and ask him for feedback of certain office space, he will tell you what you would probably like to hear. You should never fall into the trap of words.

Always believe in the feedback given by former clients. The online platforms have this amazing review section on their website where the users can comment about their experience with the office space they booked.

The reviews can be constructive, negative or positive depending on the individual’s personal experience. You have to be very smart and keep your sixth sense hyperactive while reading the reviews.

You can read their reviews and make a better or worst choice based on their ratings and suggestions. Do not forget to write your review once you finalize your dream office space.

4. Accepts Online Payment 

Since the world is going to be digital, working professionals do not prefer to pay in cash. Also, the price of the workspaces is often large to be paid in cash.

It is not feasible for many people to make large payments in cash. Don’t worry, online booking platforms make it easy by providing online payment options. Now you can not only book from everywhere but also pay from anywhere.

There is a wide range of online payment options available on online booking platforms such as online banking, wallets, debit cards, credit cards etc. You can choose whichever payment option suits you best to pay for the booking of the office space of your choice. It is absolutely safe and secure in case you are worried about the security of your hard-earned money.

5. Saves Time 

Finding an agent is itself a very time-consuming process and so is finding a perfect office space. But online booking platforms are available right on your screens.

It saves your time by providing virtual tours of office spaces. You don’t have to go for site visits physically which saves a lot of time and money.

A unified online booking platform can save you time from making many phone calls and emails. Whether you are looking for an event space, meeting room, private cabin or hot desk, you can book it online, saving you from hours of searching and meeting multiple real estate agents.

6. No Brokerage 

Just imagine free booking, free access to valuable information related to office space properties, and transparent pricing mechanisms. That’s right, you read it correctly. On online booking platforms, there is zero brokerage fee charged by the customers.

We bet you would not be able to find a broker who can give you valuable information for free. There is no advance payment asked from the customers, unlike some brokers that ask for advance fees for their service.

So, why waste time finding a good broker? Instead, look for a reputed office space aggregator company that has a list of all the best office spaces available on its online platform.

7. Customer Support 

The benefits of online booking do not end here. There are countless benefits of it and one of them is 100% customer support. When you have unlimited options of workspaces to choose from, it is obvious to get confused.

Don’t worry and simply dial the customer support helpline number. You can choose from any of the three options for asking your queries- chat, email and phone call.

The customer support team is well-trained and highly professional. They are dedicated to solving your query irrespective of the time it takes.


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